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Midnight Sounds

"gorgeously deep rich new track"

Tom Robinson, BBC6 Music

"breathtaking mastery of expression"

Angry Baby

"a stunning voice"

Thinking Lyrically

"an endearingly direct and naturalistic approach"

Blues Bunny

"gentle, comforting, home spun sound"

Listen with Monger

"a lullaby, fairy tale, magical feel"

Steph Par Song a Day

Further Away


Andrulian Blog

"18 minutes of acoustic beauty.....a sublime experience"

Stephpar's Song of Day

"beautiful heartfelt vocals"


"subtle intonation variances and lyrical flourishes suggest a very personal listening experience."

Geoff Wilbur Music Blog

"stunning vocals....a truly talented individual"


"great acoustic melodies and vocals that really shine"

Thinking Lyrically

"a simmering stock of emotions"

Folk Phenomena

"six little slices of laid back acoustic mellowness"

Music Scramble

Until the End

"a tender undertaking which manages to be quite hard-hitting, despite its subtle execution."

Pure M magazine

"there is a purity to Crew's voice and an innocence to her guitar playing that makes the listener feel privileged just be listening in"

Listen with Monger

"an outstanding EP"

Andrulian blog


"sweet, soft, and beautiful textures"


"bittersweet songs that cut straight to the heart"
50 Third and 3rd

"music that is hard to resist"

JP music blog

Radio play

BBC 6 Music

BBC Essex

BBC Kent

Cambridge 105

Blues and Roots Radio (Acoustic Routes and New Traditions)

Pure 107.8

Croydon Radio

West Norfolk Radio

Fried Gold Music

Jelly Records Radio

BRFM Wales

Matt Barker Radio

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